Symbols and Misc

These are the rather oddball designs.

five ways to die Five Ways to Die Skateboarding Shirt
Skateboarding surely is dangerous, that's why it made it into this list of five ways to die. (Well, so far no one really died of skateboarding, as far as we know. Though Arto Saari came close that one time.)

halfpipe Berlin Streifen Logo
A halfpipe. Of course the only way is up.

skateboarding crest Berlin Streifen Logo
Skateboarding surely is not royal and has no official crest. But this could be one.

helmet Berlin Streifen Logo
Skating without a helmet is all cool and hardcore until you bail on this backside tailslide down that rail and spill your brains all over the street. Seriously: Better safe then sorry.

no rain! Berlin Streifen Logo
Rain. Who cares that it makes rainbows and the little flowers need it, it means staying indoors and we hate that. (Unless you have a skatehall somewhere nearby. But who really has.)

sun Berlin Streifen Logo
So, the sun. When it comes to worshipping it Skateboarders are worse then a whole camp of nudists. So you might aswell wear one on your shirt.

set of stairs Berlin Streifen Logo
Stairs. Don't you hate it when you have to walk down on them instead of atleast pulling off a nice kickflip?

skating accident icons Berlin Streifen Logo
This is probably the way most parents see skating. It's also a great T-Shirt if you actually got hurt and you are sick of the question "Oh, you have a cast! How did that happen?"

miniramp Berlin Streifen Logo
It's a miniramp. Not much more to say, I guess.